Meal Prep Delivery: Factor

Posted on February 9, 2021

Where’s my food?

Dear Factor,

It has happened twice! Once, the driver was so rude. He didn’t deliver the meal because he gave the security the wrong name– OF THE COMPANY. I believe he was part of a new courier service. Of course security didn’t let him in. The company’s name is not “Factor Whatever.”

Unfortunately– I cannot review this service… because it never came– twice. That’s right. It was working for a couple weeks. Then… nothing. And I mean nothing. Factor has the option to track the driver and confirm delivery through the app. Not only did the tracking turn off, but the food was never delivered. It wasn’t even marked as delivered, so I doubt it was just dropped off at the wrong door. To be honest, I think the guy just took it home.

Photo of the meals



Oh, wait! There were no meals.