Tutoring in Orange County

Offering in-home lessons in Orange County children, high school students, and adults.

I graduated with an MBA and an BA in English. I enjoy teaching and have spent years volunteering my time to helping children learn and grow.


We have tutors with experience in teaching Arithmetic, Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, Calculus and Common Core Math from elementary through high school students. We also offer services to help your student understand accounting and to obtain financial literacy.

Math is one of the most dreaded subjects in school. While students in The United States are struggling, the rest of the world is excelling. Make sure your child keeps up with the rest of the world. My engineer told me she loved math because “it’s the same in every language.”


We have extensive experience teaching ESL to children, teenagers and adults. My own experience involves teaching the students how to properly read, write and speak English, and how to effectively communicate in both business and casual settings.

A private ESL tutor can customize the curriculum to what the student needs to learn. Traditional classrooms follow a general curriculum that is usually pulled from a textbook. Why waste time learning exotic animal names when what you need to learn is how to go to the grocery store and how to meet people in social settings?

Teaching the English language is beyond sentence structure and vocabulary words. It is about effective communication with others around to help you succeed in various different settings.


Our experience is not limited to ESL and grammar. I also spent years studying and teaching college level contemporary literature, English literature, Shakespeare, and my own personal favorite—19th century American literature to high school students.  It is probably one of the most dreaded areas in the English classroom. “Why are we reading a bunch of words written by a bunch of dead guys?”

The question of how this is relevant often crosses the student’s mind, and he or she is not invested in understanding the work, itself.  In order to really succeed, the student must want to learn. The work needs to be able to entertain the student. If that is possible, they won’t ask “why are we reading this?” They’ll want to read it because it is something they enjoy. And if they can learn to enjoy it, they will learn to excel in it.


English is not the only language I am limited to. I am also experienced in tutoring Spanish. It is important to distinguish the difference between formal Spanish and what some call “Spanglish,” or “street slang.”

Learning the formal language takes work. The majority of the first world countries are at least bilingually fluent. English is becoming the universal language, being requirement by children to begin learning at a young age.

Learning a foreign language can help your child explore the world. Understanding that Spanish in they may pick up from their friends is a completely different language than formal Spanish. They’ll never be able to navigate through Spain. Would you rather be able to explore Spain in another language… or just here in Orange County?


While these are my educational qualifications, let me tell you about my own experience with children.

My ability to relate with children well speaks through my own accomplishments. In 2013, I was presented with The Presidential Service Award for helping develop the STEM program for the Girl Scout Council of Orange County, helping to encourage young women to enter science, technology, engineering and math careers.

I am still a Girl Scout leader working with young women learn about themselves beyond what they learn in their classroom. They learn their strengths and skills to put forth in bettering themselves. They learn to offer more to the world than just the single subject they choose to study in school and they learn how to give more than they get, to truly be an independent thinker and to become one of the most influential young women of our time.

Custom Curriculum

Each student’s curriculum is tailored to his or her own needs. If you ask me what I can teach—I will ask you, “What do you want to know?” Some seek a private tutor because their child is falling behind. Some seek a private tutor because school is moving too slow for their advanced child. Some adults seek a private tutor to learn what they never learned in school.

Whatever it is you are seeking, I offer that. We will not be reading out of a textbook. I know you can read. Together, we create a custom curriculum, to be able to pick and choose what we need to tackle so you can really succeed in all parts of your life.

All subjects– English, Spanish, math, science and physical fitness are equally crucial to your child’s education and is something I can offer.

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