Private Tutoring in Fountain Valley

Private sessions offered by Kimberly Truong

The advantage of private tutoring at your location in Fountain Valley versus tutoring centers that offer group classes with 15-20 students is rapid progress through one-on-one attention. These centers offer opportunity for your child to work with different tutors. Students already attend group classes at school so a crucial part of tutoring is the individual attention to ensure they are not falling through the cracks.

In-Home Tutoring

In-home tutoring is offered in the city of Fountain Valley. For your convenience, I can work around you and your child’s schedule and can also be on-call if you need to switch hours around.

Prices and Packages

I offer competitive pricing for private in-home tutoring. Packages for multiple-children and or multiple packages are also offered. If you have more than one child, I suggest longer sessions per session to ensure each child gets undivided attention. Hours may be split however you wish during the week.


In such a diverse area, many parents leave their children in the care of trusted family members during the summer. Some may be older and not speak English well. There is no need to worry about communication barriers, since I am also fluent in Vietnamese and will do my best to help your child succeed.

Boys and Girls club

The city is also known for the large Boys and Girls Club Branch. While this is a great after school program, it splits the attention of the instructor. The Boys and Girls Club offers day camp during the summer, also noting that it is a daycare service that offers sports, arts and crafts and other summer activities. If your child needs to review the skills and concepts of this past school year, or if you would like to help your child get a jumpstart on next year, private tutoring is the best option for you and your child.


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