Homeschool Activities in Huntington Beach

Posted on May 3, 2017

Southern California has one of the best backyards for homeschoolers! You can explore a world beyond the classroom when you and your child opt to homeschool, and here you can explore the beaches, the desert, the mountains and the valleys. Here in Huntington Beach? Let’s start with the beach!

Huntington State Beach

Huntington Beach Nature Center

What is There to Even Learn About in Surf City? Plenty? It isn’t all about surfing here! Contact the state for information on setting up private tours. Our State Beach is proud to educational programs for K-12 School Groups. School groups receive free parking when they come to our State Beach for an educational program. If you’re planning on taking a field trip here, be sure to review the program packet, which include a science lesson, vocabulary, and more fun activities about their state beach.

The program also involves learning about sustainability and how to protect our planet and preserve it for future generations to enjoy. Learn about pollutants, runoffs and other toxic things and actions that can harm our planet.

Bolsa Chica Wetlands

Technically not Huntington Beach, but it’s the tiny next door neighbor people seem to just pass by. My advice? Don’t.

Bolsa Chica State Park or The Wetlands is nature in the middle of the city. Come early in the morning and visit the trails to watch different types of fish swimming and animals scurrying in the park. A field trip is not a complete field trip without your own expert guide, and you can meet with one of them here at The Bolsa Chica Conservency!

Here, you and your family can learn about the wetlands and how the conservation of this habitat is crucial to the survival of all the creatures that call this place home—including us! Events to attend include Animal Feeding Day!

Animal Feeding Day

Learn about the animals at the interpretive center, and during the feeding, learn about the feeding habits, biology and anatomy of the different types of reptiles and marine animals that live here!

Note: Snake feedings involve live mice!

Price: Free!
Location: 3842 Warner Ave, HB 92649

When: Every Saturday at 12PM

Private Tours

That’s right! You can have your own tour guide take you and your family on a hike to tell you all about the plants and animals that live in your very own backyard. You may see different types of fish, including tiny sharks. You’re sure to see stingray down there. The best thing you’ll find early in the morning are all the birds during their fishing time!