Universal Yums Thoughts – Spain

Posted on October 31, 2022

I have been to Spain. I loved Spain, but we didn’t get to see enough of it. We mostly stayed in southern Spain, and I definitely enjoyed the food while I was there. My favorite type of food to eat was Tapas in general. I have lifted every rock in Orange County to find Spanish food, and I have only found one place. What’s tough is when you google “Spanish foods,” you get a lot of restaurants with Mexican, Peruvian and other Latin American cuisines. one restaurant I did find– it still wasn’t enough to satisfy my cravings.

The other thing I really loved about Spain is the snacks. I am definitely a snacker, which is why I have subscribed to Universal Yums. The snacks almost brought me back– not all the way, but at least a little bit.

Here are some quick thoughts:

Fried Egg & Sea Salt Flavored Chips: Definitely the oddest, but oddly delicious. It’s salty, sweet with a little bit of egg flavor. I’m not a huge fan of how egg yolks taste in general, and this had a hint of that flavor, but not bad… not bad at all.