Private Tutoring in Corona Del Mar

If you are searching for Corona Del Mar tutoring, I have worked with several students who attend CdM and other nearby high schools. I understand the competitive nature of the area and have a track record of helping children and teens get ahead.

What I Offer

I offer one-on-one custom tutoring services. Seeking a private tutor, you are most likely looking for your child to continue to excel to reach their full potential or to work smarter (not harder), and to develop studying skills and skills to solve problems and seek out resources that will benefit him or her through the college years and adulthood.

Jumping Ahead

Your child’s class may be moving to slow for him or her. It happens to the most elite students. There is no need to waste your child’s time and talent waiting for the rest of the class to move onto the next subject. With me, your child will be continually challenged and if he or she can keep learning—we’ll keep learning together. We can even work on subjects and topics that aren’t traditionally taught in school to ensure your child receives a well-rounded education.

Staying Ahead

Most students who attend other schools in the area have also been groomed from childhood. It is no secret that success in adulthood starts very young. Students must go above and beyond from a young age if they wish to attend any top college, and private tutors are often hired to teach students beyond what is taught in school to ensure that they are always 10 steps ahead of the competition.

More students are ivy league bound from this school than any other. Your student may be excelling, but they’re also competing for a spot in top national universities with the rest of the country. Your child may benefit more from learning above and beyond what is taught in the classroom. A private tutor will work one-on-one with your child to create a custom and personalized curriculum that will help him go above and beyond.

Falling Behind & Catching Up

As a private tutor, I focus only on the student. Working with your child one-on-one, I can focus on his or her needs. If your child has fallen behind, chances are the class has already moved on without them, and it can spiral into more academic hardships. We will work together to target the problem and figure out what it is he or she missed and not only overcome it, but to continue to excel.

Being the Best

Being a tutor for multiple students from this school over the years, I know not all are just “born with it.” Parents and student dedicate and invest a lot of time and other resources into ensuring the student is the beyond the best he or she can be. It is always important to remind your child being the best is not as important as doing the best he or she can do, and a private tutor is one of the best resources your family can invest in.

Corona del Mar Schools

The only public high school in the area, Corona del Mar High School is also one of the most competitive in the country—in both academic and athletic achievements.

About CDM High School

Corona del Mar High School is in the middle of one of the most affluent neighborhoods in the country.

It has been ranked by Newsweek as one of the top 200 schools in the country. Many students who attend this school are accepted to ivy leagues and other top schools in the country, some on full academic scholarship and athletic scholarships. In 2011, it earned a gold medal from the US News World Report.

Having your child there, you most likely already know how competitive it is. As mentioned, it is one of the top 200 schools in the country, and is ranked 37 in California.


Corona del Mar high school competes in the Pacific Coast League of the CIF Southern Section. The Sea Kings have won 81 CIF Southern Section Championships and 12 California Interscholastic Federation State Championships.

High school sports are a big part of your child, and many children’s educations. Student athletes are expected excel in both school and sports—and even extracurricular activities in some circumstances. To stay in sports, however, they must maintain an acceptable GPA. It is no surprise that some students may see their grades slip due to their over-demanding schedule.

Hiring a private tutor can help your child balance school and sports. Student athletes need to continually keep their GPA up, and being right on the border isn’t ideal. A bad test one day, or a missed homework the next may drop that GPA 0.1 unit below the requirements. The best thing to do is consistently work hard and with a tutor to ensure the GPA stays at a much more comfortable level and that he or she is not always stressing about whether they’ll be kicked out of the sport they love.

“He was getting Cs and Ds in English, math, and biology. After working with Kim 4 hours a week for 2 weeks, his grades improved to As and Bs.”

Joy W., Corona del Mar, CA

Her foster child, Edgar, is a freshman student athlete attending Newport Harbor High School.

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