Homeschool Activities in Newport Beach

Posted on September 13, 2017

One of the best things about homeschooling is the whole world is your classroom. Many people picture the wrong thing when they think “homeschool.” It doesn’t have to take place at home. In fact, some homeschool students travel the world.

If you don’t have the luxury of travelling the world, or if you do and just happen to come by Newport Beach, we understand your child’s education still comes first. Here are some places to visit and fit into your child’s curriculum.

Enter the Science Lab

Take them whaling! Well, take them out on a big boat to see whales and other marine mammals, like dolphins and sea lions, to learn how the live in the ocean in harmony with other fish and what they contribute to this delicate ecosystem. Learn about the weather changes on how it relates around the world and the migration of different animals and fish throughout the year.

The Orange County Mediterranean climate also ensures that your science curriculum is always changing with the seasons. There will always be something new to learn about and there will always be something new to experience throughout the year.

Go Back in Time

It’s history time! Why just read it out of the book when you can experience it around you? You may have to experience the ancient Aztecs through your textbook, but you can visit the historical society and learn about what’s in your own backyard and how the dirt under your feet got there. You’ll also be near by San Juan Capistrano Mission. Just an hour away, visit one of California’s old missions.

Learn about the indigenous people here before us, the conquering and rise of the Spanish empire and the adaptation and development of the world around us, and the history in the making us that surrounds us today.

There are many activities and programs that will give your students some hands-one experience and immerge them in history.

Step into the Future 

…and the present. Teach your student about how the government works and all the people who help it run. Visit the new civic center! Sign up for private tours of the different offices to learn local branches of governments and the intricate workings of the citizens of one town working side-by-side to make the neighborhood a better place to live.

Teach your student about how they can make a difference and how to get there. Officials are always happy to meet with students to tell them about their job as a public servant. If you’re lucky enough, take them out of Newport Beach and to The Reagan and Nixon Library to learn about how they came to be president—and how your child may one day also.

A classroom isn’t a box in a building. It’s not even a room in your home. It is anywhere where your child learns something new, exciting and it can be anywhere! It can be a faraway land when you take your child and travel the world. Or, it can be right in your backyard. Always keep on searching for places near and far to expose your child to as much of the world as possible, to keep their views open, to keep there education going and to ensure they never want to stop learning.