Keep Them Reading Over the Summer

Posted on July 20, 2017

It’s one of the biggest problems parents tell me they have with their kids. How to make sure your child keeps on learning through the summer…

Do you know where the idea of summer vacation came from? It was from way back when families needed their children in the summer to help harvest crops on their family farm– so they took off summers from school. The majority of kids today don’t need to do that anymore. In fact, many don’t do much to keep their brains sharp over the summer, and when fall comes– it seems like they just took two steps forwards and one step back.

What to Read

Google it! Find your child’s Accelerated Reading Level (AR Level) online and pick out a book that you think might interest them AND YOU! When there is no formal classroom and teacher during the summer– you get to become the teacher for your child. Read with them and discuss what you have just read together. Chances are, if you do a little research, your child will be enjoying books they will be required next year anyway!

Pick a book that you enjoy! Reading isn’t just about reading– it’s also about having someone to discuss the book with. In the summer– that’s you! Make sure you pick a book you both enjoy so reading doesn’t become a chore. Make it enjoyable so they will continue reading on their own, and it will be a pleasure and not a punishment. So, make sure you don’t look so miserable when you read that same book.

Keep Them Engaged

Reading can mean so much more when they talk about it. It’s not that reading doesn’t do anything for the child if they don’t talk about it with anyone. However, exploring their own mind and ideas helps expand their understanding of a deeper meaning behind each book. No matter how “simple” you think the book is– it never is. Make the effort to reach deeper into the story and connect with the deeper meaning so your child can find it as well.

Read for Life

Yes. You have just read that right. Don’t read for the day. Don’t read for the summer. Teach them to enjoy reading so they can do that for life. As times change, physical books turn digital. Even I admit, when I was young, I didn’t think I’d be carrying a Kindle around. Well, I don’t really carry it around, but I know that with it, I can download and read anything in the world (almost). And I want to! Make sure your child wants to read as well– not just for them, but for their children as well. Pass on the tradition.