Kimberly Truong

“If you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life.” -Confucius

Professional Qualifications

Kimberly-Truong-Profile-PhotoI have an English BA as well as my MBA.

I am an experienced private tutor who specializes in ESL, English grammar, technical and creative writing.

I have been a girl scout leader for over 10 years, after spending 12 years in it myself. I work to help young women intellectually and emotionally grow beyond limits of traditional education.

Safety first! While educating your child is the goal, their safety with me is also very important. I am CPR, AED and first aid certified.

Personal Interests

Eating One of the most important things I have every learned from my family is how to eat well. Growing up, my grandmother fed me a lot, and the best Vietnamese food of all comes from the ancient royal city of Huế, Vietnam. I’m not strictly vegan, but I love vegan food!

Luckily, my favorite Huế restaurant here in Little Saigon has a sister restaurant right next door with 100% Grade-A grandma-approved vegan comfort!

Los Angeles Kings I’m a fan!