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Private sessions offered by Kimberly Truong

Fountain Valley is one of the most academically competitive areas in the country. With multiple California Distinguished Schools, the schools are focused on continually offering the school the best opportunities to learn beyond their grade level.

While that is great, however, it may also be a disadvantage to your child or any other who needs extra help. The school is not required to have 100% of the class excel in a topic before moving on. What happens if your child is the one who falls through the cracks?

We all need a little extra help sometimes, and if your child is one who does, consider a private tutor in Fountain Valley to work one-on-one with what he or she needs most.

In-Home Tutoring

In-home tutoring is offered in the city of Fountain Valley. For your convenience, I can work around you and your child’s schedule and can also be on-call if you need to switch hours around.

Your child can come straight home to a readily available tutor. Sitting at a desk all day can be tiring. Continue to sit in a desk in a classroom at a tutoring center puts them right back in school. Relaxing in their home environment will ease their stress and make learning and reviewing the material from class that day much easier, and more effective.

Do not sacrifice your child’s education and future success for the “convenience” of after-school tutoring programs. Putting your child at another desk with a tutor who splits their time between 20 other students. If you are going to invest in your child, ensure that he or she has one-on-one attention to ensure that they receive extra help in what they really need. Sitting through second lesson another student needs to learn is sitting in class all over again. Their time is being wasted. Your money is being wasted. Wisely spend that time really helping your child in what they need help in the most, and move on from what your child excels in.

Prices and Packages

I offer competitive pricing for private in-home tutoring. Packages for multiple-children and or multiple packages are also offered. If you have more than one child, I suggest longer sessions per session to ensure each child gets undivided attention. Hours may be split however you wish during the week.

Subject packages are not offered. Whether your child needs help in math, English, foreign language or everything across the board—the price stays the same, because your child needs help just the same in all subjects.

Discounts are offered for pre-payment. Pre-payment does not mean you are required to keep a set schedule each time, but it can be arranged. There is no obligation to “spend” the prepaid time within a certain window.


In such a diverse area, many parents leave their children in the care of trusted family members during the summer. Some may be older and not speak English well. There is no need to worry about communication barriers, since I am also fluent in Vietnamese and will do my best to help your child succeed.

If your child wants to go to a four-year college. Studying at least 3 years of a foreign language is required, and 4 years is recommended. Being fluent in formal Spanish, I can make sure your child will learn and smoothly converse in Spanish. Though Orange County is quite diverse and learning Spanish may be “easy” because they are surrounded by other Spanish speakers, keep in mind, it is formal Spanish they need to excel in so they can be successful in their classroom and in the world.

Formal Spanish will help them travel the world and speak the language beyond just Orange County.




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