Our prices are different for everyone depending on the subject the student needs tutoring for.

Why so low?

Why are our prices much lower than competitors that offer these services nationally? In fact, our prices are 50% of nationally advertised tutoring centers. We only offer local services. We do not and are unwilling to travel outside of Orange County. Therefore, we do not calculate travel time, nor gas in these prices. This lowers EVERY student’s tuition.

We don’t waste money on marketing. Many large businesses have budgets just for marketing. Because are local, no extra fees are tacked on just for advertisement. No need to pay for commercials or print ads.

Why so high?

We only employ the most educated and experienced tutors. Consider not only the tutor’s education but their experience in the real world.

It is also an investment in your child’s future. He or she may have already chosen a career path. With our tutor’s real world experience they can also mentor your child in that field. Not only do they know the subjects, they know the industry. Now that your child has his or her high school diploma– then what? Now that he or she knows which classes to take in college– then what?

The only important student during your time is your child. Unlike tutoring centers, our one-on-one program ensures that 100% of our time is dedicated to you. We do not have business-in-a-box learning plans. We only have custom plans tailored to what your child needs to learn. Why teach what he or she already knows? Let’s move on! Let’s get ahead!

Falling behind? Same thing. Why speed up when we need to slow down?

More advanced subjects will have different tuition costs than introductory subjects.

So how much is this going to cost?

I can’t tell you that. At least not here. Costs vary from subjects to subjects. We also offer many different discounts, such as referral discounts and multiple student discounts.