Orange County Swimming Lessons

Types of Classes

Whether you have no experience swimming, flounder in the pool, or swim just well enough to make it from one side to the other– there’s always room for improvement. Swimming lessons in Orange County from a professional swim instructor will help teach proper techniques and forms to ensure you are doing your best to get good and to get fit.


The location is up to you. Locations are flexible. I always prefer a pool where I can stand in order to show the student proper form while explaining each movement slowly and skillfully.

  • I will travel to your location if you have your own pool.
  • I also have a pool myself and can give lessons at my home.
  • I can also teach you at the gym. However, I don’t recommend this unless you are already a swimmer just looking to improve. Pools at the gym only have lanes for lap swimming.

One-on-One & Group Courses

I offer one-on-one classes and only go up to 2 per class. Learning to swim is a great effort on the student and the instructor’s part, so my undivided attention is necessary. Not only that, but I believe in safety first and I need to be able to see all swimmers (especially kids) at all times.