Adult Courses

One-on-one and group courses offered.

I offer custom private courses to ensure the English you learn will most help you succeed in this country.

Why hire a tutor as an adult?

Never stop learning! There are many reasons an adult would hire a private tutor. In my experience, the main reason I have been hired by adults is to teach ESL, as well as to help study for The United States citizenship. However, if you are interested other subjects I offer, click here to learn more.

English as a Second Language

As one of the most colorful areas area in the country, Orange County is home to many immigrants. If you or a loved-one has recently taken the first step to calling The United States your home, no doubt, you are seeking quality professional ESL courses at a reasonable price.

New Immigrants

I have been approached by ESL students who are seeking to achieve different goals. I have worked with new immigrants who may know the basics, such as introducing themselves, but have much more to learn so they can live their new life to the fullest.

Many parents also seek to help learning casual and conversational English so they can speak with their children’s teachers and other parents in their children’s schools.

American Citizenship

Many immigrants seek to relocate to The United States permanently, and hope to become naturalized U.S. citizens, to either set an example for their children or live a more fulfilling life to not only reap the benefits as a citizen, but also to contribute to the country that has welcomed them with open arms.

There are many steps to take to becoming an American citizen, and I also offer courses to help you pass the test and to truly understand what it is like to be an American citizen.

More information on courses that will put you on the path to citizenship.

Professional English

Adults who may speak English fluently have sought services to learn to speak more advanced English to understand news, current events, business language and to be able to understand those who speak English quickly.

Learn technical and business formal writing as well!

Foreign Languages

Speaking more than one (or two!) languages is an excellent skill to possess in the business world. Many adults may have never had the opportunity to learn a foreign language, or may have forgotten these skills over the years.

I offer foreign language courses for adults to help better relate to potential clients and customers here in Southern California.

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