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Private sessions offered by Kimberly Truong

You may find multiple tutoring centers in Huntington Beach, CA. Chances are, these are franchise tutoring businesses. These businesses may not be what you are looking for. They can be over-crowded and your child may get lost in the shuffle. The instructors can be underqualified and your child may not receive the best education available. The hours may be inconvenient because you are or the child’s caretaker are busy during business hours. I can be flexible and work into your schedule, not the other way around. I can also be on-call and travel quickly to your location.

One-on-One Tutoring

One-on-One tutoring ensures your child has my undivided attention. Unlike classes in school or at tutoring centers, your child does not need to keep up with the class. If your student is a quick learner, we can move quickly so he can continue learning and not be dragged down by a timed curriculum. If your student needs extra help in an area, we can slow down and work together until he or she completely understands the topic.

On-Location/In-Home Tutoring

Huntington beach is an ideal location for in-home tutoring. In the convenience of your own home, I come to you prepared. Your student only needs to be prepared to learn. We will work together to create a schedule that will for you and your student. The frequency of the sessions depends on you, your child and your package.

Prices and Packages

I offer many packages, including multiple student and multiple subject discounts. The students must be related to take advantage of this package. Save by pre-paying per month.

Multiple Languages

If you or your student’s caretaker speaks limited English, I am fluent in Spanish and Vietnamese. Huntington Beach high schools offers multiple second-language classes, including Spanish. I offer Spanish sessions focusing on speaking, reading, writing and grammar for those students who are taking Spanish in school, or are planning on taking Spanish the next year.


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