Newport Coast

If you are searching for tutoring in Newport Coast, I have worked with several students who attend Newport Coast Elementary, Harbor Day School and TVT Community Day School. I understand the competitive nature of the area and have a track record of helping children and teens get ahead.

Newport Coast Elementary

If you live in Newport Coast, your child most likely attends one of the best elementary schools in Orange County– Newport Coast Elementary. Many students attend the best public schools in California. State standardized test scores are far above average. State standardized testing tells much more about the school than the individual students. NCE students have strong academic skills and are making bigger gains than their peers at other schools in the state. Many work hard with private tutors to learn beyond what is required by the state.

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Being the Best

I have had students Newport Coast Elementary School for years. Some move on to private school after 6th grade, and some attend CDM middle school. I know not all are just “born with it.” In such a competitive area, parents and students dedicate and invest a lot of time and other resources into ensuring the student is the beyond the best he or she can be. It is always important to remind your child being the best is not as important as doing the best he or she can do, and a private tutor is one of the best resources your family can invest in.

Corona del Mar Middle & High School

Your child may be attending one of the most competitive middle and high schools in Orange County. Corona del Mar Middle School and High School is is far above the state average in key measures of college and career readiness.

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Harbor Day School

Newport Coast Childhood Development Preschool

TVT Community Day School

Sage Hill High School