Offering tutoring services in Orange County for help in 4-subjects to children, high school students, and adults.

I graduated with an MBA and an BA in English. While I am an accountant, I enjoy teaching and have spent years volunteering my time to helping children learn and grow.

Private Tutoring


I have experience teaching Arithmetic, Algebra, and Common Core Math to elementary through high school students. I also offer services to help your student understand accounting and to obtain financial literacy.


I have extensive experience teaching ESL to children as young as 8 to high school students and adults. My experience not only involves teaching the students how to properly read, write and speak English, but also how to effectively communicate with their peers, or in the case with adults, to communicate in both business and casual settings.


Teaching the English language is beyond sentence structure and vocabulary words. It is about effective communication with others around to help you succeed in various different settings.


Custom Curriculum

Each student’s curriculum is tailored to his or her own needs. If you ask me what I can teach—I will ask you, “What do you want to learn?”

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