Private Tutoring in Irvine

Private sessions offered by Kimberly Truong

As one of the largest cities in Orange County, Irvine is home to many different tutoring centers. However, if you feel one-on-one tutoring is best for your child, consider in-home tutoring services.

Local In-Home Tutoring

I serve as a private in-home tutor for many students throughout Orange County. As such, I am very familiar with, not only California Common Core requirements, but also local schools and their many different programs and activities.

In-home one-on-one tutoring ensures 100% of the attention is on your child. Different students have different needs, and learn differently in and outside of school. I develop a custom curriculum to help your child succeed in and beyond the classroom.

Jump Ahead

Private tutoring is not only for students who have fallen behind, it is also for students who want to jump ahead. Sometimes in schools, advanced students become bored and quit learning because they are so far ahead of their own grade level. Private tutoring ensures that your child never stops learning something new. Instead of waiting for their own class to catch up, they can keep on excelling with a private one-on-one tutor.

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Work for Irvine Businesses

During previous tax seasons, I have helped Wynkoop & Associates provide income tax preparation services for clients of their Irvine location.

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