Things to do in Newport Beach

Posted on September 13, 2017

Whether you live here or you’re just visiting. There’s always something to do at Newport Beach. Go back to visit historical sights and sights from your childhood. Live in the present and preview the future in this ever-growing and ever-changing town!

Visit Balboa Island

The city has its very own island! Imagine a mini old town island with California Breeze and its own sensational history. This island has everything for visitors and locals. The only thing you need to do is hop on a ferry and get over there.

Enjoy the Food

…the desserts that is. First thing’s first—have a Hippo Cookie for your appetizer! It is a simple glazed sugar cookie. No! It’s not just that. It’s a HIPPO COOKIE! Exclusive to Balboa Island and a long-time favorite of all.

Visit the banana stand after that! Sorry. It won’t be The Banana Stand from Arrested Development (set in Newport Beach FYI!!!). But the island is known for is chocolate dipped frozen bananas from Sugar ‘n Spice, so stop by!

Go Shopping!

You won’t find Nordstrom’s here! It’d probably take up the whole island if it did! There’s something even better here. The boutiques and quaint shops will lure you in and make sure you’ll leave with something one-of-a-kind. From fine jewelry to seashell jewelry, food-art to art-art, you may find something you need, but you’ll always find something you want. If you’re just visiting to go fishing—there’s a shop for you, too—come on over to JD’s Tackle & Bait.

Enjoy the View

For the food and the activities, I’ve listed enough great “deals” that come with Balboa Island. The best thing that money can’t buy is the view. It’s an island! Take in the water all around you! Surround yourself sea, immerse yourself in the ocean and enjoy the moment!

Visit Fashion Island

If I didn’t entice you with the shopping on Balboa Island, shopping at Fashion Island is sure to get you running to the stores. Now, here is where you’ll find Nordstrom’s… and Macy’s… and Bloomingdales. It’s a day to pamper yourself. If it’s out of your budget to go on a spree, you can always enjoy the stroll around the shopping center. It’s a mix indoor-outdoor mall. Of course, it is! Hey! It’s California!

Fashion Island isn’t an ACTUAL island, but it’s built like one! This oval “island” is 50 years old this year! With stores, restaurants and things to do—rest assured, this isn’t somewhere you “stop by real quick.” It’s an experience.

This place has everything! If you’re here to make it a California trip, book your Disneyland resort tickets here! Knowledgeable employees are here to answer all your questions about The Happiest Place on Earth just an hour away. Swing on over to Disneyland after enjoying your time in Newport Beach.

Go to the Beach

How simple is that? In Newport Beach? Just go to the beach! Relax in the sand and just watch the surfers roll on by. Watch the clouds drift over head, or just close your eyes and soak up the sun. If you’re lucky, some seals may just come up and enjoy it with you.

If it gets too hot for you, take a dip in the ocean and swim around with the surfers. Personally, I just sit and read. I sit in the actual water where the wave can splash up and down past me in a calming rhythm. Yes, I sit in the ocean and read. It’s that peaceful!

If you’re looking for something a little more exciting, you can even rent a surfboard and try it out yourself. I suggest a couple of lessons first—and they have that there, too. If surfing’s not for you, paddleboards and kayaks are also available to rent.

There’s definitely a lot more to do in Newport Beach than this. You’ll just have to come experience it all yourself.